North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE«) Self-Assessment Guide


The NAVLE Self-Assessments are web-based examinations offered to veterinary medical students, graduates, faculty members, and others interested in general topic areas covered by the licensing examination. The self-assessment forms are available in both English and French versions and can be taken under standard-paced and self-paced timing modes. Performance feedback is available immediately after completing a self-assessment.

The primary purpose of the self-assessments is to help candidates identify their strengths and weaknesses as they prepare to take the NAVLE. For this purpose, the ICVA recommends that the self-assessment(s) be taken under the standard-paced timing mode in one sitting, with optional brief breaks between sections. Performance feedback data will be more meaningful if a self-assessment is taken under conditions similar to those of the NAVLE.

The secondary purpose of these self-assessments is to allow students, graduates, faculty, and others to learn about the content and format of the NAVLE. For this purpose, the self-assessments can be taken under the self-paced timing mode, providing double the time to complete a self-assessment. Under these conditions, the performance feedback data may not be as useful.

Self-Assessment Lengths and Formats

Each of the NAVLE self-assessment forms has 200 multiple-choice items, some of which have images. The items in each form are presented in four sections of 50 items each. Participants who choose to test under standard-paced, timed conditions have up to 55 minutes to complete each section for a total test time of 220 minutes. Those who choose the self-paced timing mode have up to 110 minutes to complete each section for a total test time of 440 minutes. The timing mode cannot be changed once the self-assessment is accessed. The self-assessments do not include the on-screen calculator function available on the NAVLE.

Thirty-Day Administration Period

A participant must complete a self-assessment within 30 days of the purchase date. The self-assessment can be paused to exit the assessment and resumed later at the section and item in which a participant was working, at any time during the administration period, provided the administration time allotted for the assessment selected has not run out. When "Pause" is selected, the time clock for that section stops and the browser will close. When the self-assessment is restarted, the time clock for that section is resumed, as long as the 30-day administration period has not expired.

Answering, Skipping and Reviewing Items

During the administration period, questions in a section may be answered in any order, skipped, and responses reviewed. When a section of the self-assessment is completed, the participant must select "End" before proceeding to the next section. Once a section is intentionally ended, or time expires for a section, a participant cannot return to that section or review items or change answers. Unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Once the total assessment has been completed, a participant cannot return to review any part of it.

Immediate Performance Feedback

Immediate performance feedback will be reported as the percentage of items answered correctly for the total self-assessment and for each of the general topic areas. Scores will be available only to the participant and will not be used or recognized by the ICVA. Answers to individual questions will not be provided.

To give a perspective on how well a participant did relative to a group of candidates who took the NAVLE for the first time in the past few years (comparison group), their average percentages of correct responses are also reported with the corresponding standard deviations.

Sample Self-Assessment

The Sample Self-assessment may be viewed by clicking on 'Sample Assessment' on the NAVLE Self-Assessment Interactive Website prior to purchasing a self-assessment. Purchase of a self-assessment or a password is not needed to take the sample self-assessment. The sample assessment includes a tutorial on how to use the self-assessment delivery software. Accessing the sample items verifies that the hardware and software of your system are properly configured to take the NAVLE self-assessments. Click Help and select Sample Answer Key for answers to the Sample Assessment.

Purchasing Self-Assessments

All forms of the self-assessments, in both English and French, including the standard-paced and self-paced timing options for each form, are available for purchase. Once created, your NAVLE Self-Assessment account can be used to submit all of your purchase orders for assessments. There is no limit to the number of purchase orders that may be submitted for an account. If payment is by credit card, one purchase order may include the purchase of more than one self-assessment. There is also no limit to the number of times any form of a self-assessment may be purchased although once completed, another purchase order must be submitted to take the same assessment. All purchased self-assessments do not need to be completed before another purchase order is submitted.


The cost of each self-assessment is $50 (USD). Full payment is due at time of purchase and fees are non-refundable. If purchase is made by credit card (VISA and MasterCard only), payment will be processed when you place your order. For purchases by check, contact ICVA at  or (701) 224-0332. When the check has been processed, a payment voucher will be issued to purchase a self-assessment on the NAVLE Self-Assessment Interactive Website.

Tutorial for Self-Assessment

The Sample Self-Assessment contains a tutorial on how to use the self-assessment delivery software. It may be viewed by clicking on 'Sample Assessment' on the NAVLE Self-Assessment Interactive Website. The same tutorial can be viewed prior to the start of each self-assessment purchased.

Ownership and Copyright

The materials presented on the self-assessments are owned and copyrighted by the ICVA. Any unauthorized reproduction of these materials, by any means, including but not limited to, storage in a retrieval system, transmission, printing, memorization or distribution is strictly prohibited.

Terms, Conditions and Disclaimers

A participant must read and agree to the Terms, Conditions, and Disclaimers that appear automatically on the screen before a Self-Assessment account is created.

System Requirements


To report problems, send an e-mail to ICVA at   or call ICVA at (701-224-0332). It will be helpful if you can describe the problem, including the keystrokes you used that led to the problem. If you received an error message, note the error message or copy and paste it into your e-mail.