NAVLE Self-Assessment Privacy and Security Policy

International Council for Veterinary Assessment recognizes that your privacy is an important issue and accordingly maintains the following privacy policy to protect the personal information you provide online for the NAVLE Self-Assessments.

Personal Information

The ICVA does not collect any personal information from users browsing its website. To gain access to participant-only resources and personalization features on the NAVLE Self-Assessment Interactive Website, participants are asked to provide a unique e-mail address and password. The web server tracks the domain names, Internet Provider (IP) addresses, and the participants' e-mail addresses for the purpose of providing and informing participants of the status of activity associated with the assessment.

The following information is required from participants who choose to participate in the self-assessment:

The following information is requested but not required from participants who choose to participate in the self-assessment:

Disclosure of Personal Information

The ICVA does not release participants' e-mail addresses to third parties for solicitation purposes. Personal information will be used specifically for processing of payments, for purposes of score reporting, and to contact participants when necessary.


The online registration is designed to protect your privacy. All of your order information, including your credit card number and address is passed through a secure server. The server uses SSL software, which encrypts your order information, and prevents a third party from seeing your personal information.

During the registration process, temporary session cookies are used to transmit information. The temporary session cookies are deleted once the transaction has been completed.

(Credit Card Only) As a secure site, participants can verify the site's authenticity and communicate securely using 128 bit encryption that protects confidential information. The requisite information is submitted to the appropriate clearinghouse to verify and validate the credit card. Credit card information is not disclosed for any other purpose.

Limitation of Liability

The ICVA is not liable for any damages or losses that may be caused by any equipment and other software due to any viruses, defects, or malfunctions in connection with access to or use of the NAVLE Self-Assessment Interactive Website.