What is NAVLE Self-Assessment?
What Assessments Are Available?
How Do I Create an Account?
How Do I Log In?
What if I Have Forgotten my Password?
How Do I Edit my Account Information?
How Do I Change my Password or E-mail Address?
How Do I View the Current Status of my Account and Assessment?
How Much Time Do I Have to Take an Assessment?
Can I View a Sample Assessment before Purchasing?
How Many Times Can I Take the Sample Assessment?
How Do I Order an Assessment?
How Do I Pay for an Assessment?
How Do I Start an Assessment?
Do I Have to Agree to Anything Before Taking the Assessment?
Whom Do I Contact if I Have Problems with the Website?
What if I Need to Make a Change to my Assessment Order?
How Will I Know if my Order has been Processed?
When Will My Results Be Available?
Do I Have to Complete the Assessment in One Session?
How Many Times Can I Take an Assessment?
How Secure is my Personal and Payment Information?
Can I Use a Mac to Take the Assessment?
What are the Required Browsers and Operating Systems for Taking an Assessment?
Will my Answers be Lost if my Computer Crashes?
Will the Assessment Work Over a Dial-Up Connection?
How Do I Use Online Help?