North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE«) Self-Assessment

Welcome to the NAVLE Self-Assessment Interactive website.

The NAVLE Self-Assessments are web-based examinations offered to veterinary medical students, graduates, faculty members, and others interested in general topic areas covered by the licensing examination. The self-assessment forms are available in both English and French versions and can be taken under standard-paced and self-paced timing modes. Performance feedback is available immediately after completing a self-assessment.

For more information about the NAVLE Self-Assessments, please refer to the ICVA website

The screens of this website can be viewed in either English or French. The default is English but if you wish to view in French click  Franšais.  You will be able to purchase all available assessments regardless of the language selected to view the website. The language of the assessment form selected will determine the language of your performance report. The self-assessments do not include the on-screen calculator function available on the NAVLE.

How to Use this Interactive Website

Using the Menu Bar at the top of this screen (Home, Account Center, Purchase Assessments, Sample Assessment, Requirements, Help) and drop-down options associated with each of the menu items, participants are able to create a NAVLE Self-Assessment account, purchase and take the assessments, receive feedback, and find information about the self-assessments and requirements for participation.

Although participants are advised to explore the Menu Bar and its options, the following are direct links.

Before purchasing an assessment, participants should:

To establish an account and purchase an assessment for the FIRST time:

If you have already established an account: