North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE«) Self-Assessment

Welcome to the NAVLE Self-Assessment Interactive website.

The NAVLE Self-Assessments are web-based examinations offered to veterinary medical students, graduates, faculty members, and others interested in general topic areas covered by the licensing examination. The self-assessment forms are available in both English and French versions and can be taken under standard-paced and self-paced timing modes. Performance feedback is available immediately after completing a self-assessment.

The primary purpose of the self-assessments is to help candidates identify their strengths and weaknesses as they prepare to take the NAVLE. For this purpose, the ICVA recommends that the self-assessment(s) be taken under the standard-paced timing mode in one sitting, with optional brief breaks between sections. Performance feedback data will be more meaningful if a self-assessment is taken under conditions similar to those of the NAVLE.

The secondary purpose of these self-assessments is to allow students, graduates, faculty, and others to learn about the content and format of the NAVLE. For this purpose, the self-assessments can be taken under the self-paced timing mode, providing double the time to complete a self-assessment. Under these conditions, the performance feedback data may not be as useful.

Self-Assessment Formats and Cost

Three unique forms are available in English, and two unique forms are offered in French. There is only one version of each form. All NAVLE Self-Assessments follow the current blueprint of the NAVLE.

Each NAVLE self-assessment form consists of 200 multiple-choice items, which are presented in four sections of 50 items each. There are 2 versions of self-assessment: Regular and Expanded Feedback.

English Form 1 - Regular

English Form 2 - Expanded Feedback

English Form 3 - Regular

French Form 1 - Regular

French Form 2 - Expanded Feedback

Regular Self-Assessment fee is $50.00

Expanded Feedback Self-Assessment fee is $65.00

The expanded feedback form allows the examinee to review the questions and answers to incorrectly answered questions.Fees can be paid by Visa or MasterCard and self-assessment fees are non-refundable

Performance Feedback

A score report is available immediately after completing a self-assessment, showing the percentage of items answered correctly for the total assessment and for each of the main topic areas. The report also indicates the performance of a comparison group of candidates on the same items.

The score report also includes a projected NAVLE score based on the participant's performance on the assessment.

Research has verified that the projected score range for examinees who take the NAVLE Self-Assessment under the standard-paced timing mode is predictive of later performance on the NAVLE.

Answers to individual questions are not provided for the purchased assessments, however answers are provided to incorrectly answered questions if you purchased the expanded feedback form.

For more information about the NAVLE Self-Assessments, please refer to the NAVLE Self-Assessment Guide.

The screens of this website can be viewed in either English or French. The default is English but if you wish to view in French click  Franšais.  You will be able to purchase all available assessments regardless of the language selected to view the website. The language of the assessment form selected will determine the language of your performance report. The self-assessments do not include the on-screen calculator function available on the NAVLE.

How to Use this Interactive Website

Using the Menu Bar at the top of this screen (Home, Account Center, Purchase Assessments, Sample Assessment, Requirements, Help) and drop-down options associated with each of the menu items, participants are able to create a NAVLE Self-Assessment account, purchase and take the assessments, receive feedback, and find information about the self-assessments and requirements for participation.

Although participants are advised to explore the Menu Bar and its options, the following are direct links.

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